Banksman Training

Traffic Marshal

Get yourself certified today and comply with HSE regulations. Make your site secure and prevent accidents by having

fully trained Traffic Marshal / Banksmen

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from £49
10:30 –2:30pm
4 – 6 hours
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£ 399


We deliver an informative, enjoyable and interactive learning experience from start to finish. We strive for the good customer satisfaction resulting in the excellent customer feedback.


All our instructors come highly qualified, competent and ready to share their knowledge and personal experiences gained through years of working in the industry.


By providing a high quality training our trainees have high passing rate. We have bespoke course training material which is tailored to meet all candidates and customers requirements and needs.

Who We Are

We are UK's leading supplier of high quality compliance training. Our organisation comprises of a collation of refined industry sector specialists with a proven track record of a minimum of a decade experience in delivering commercial, private and bespoke courses to an array of candidate profiles.

All of our instructors have been affiliated with one another and industry since the 1990′s. We have professional ethics,first hand knowledge and first hand experience that will assure your growth as a refined professional operative in the respective industry.

Course Details
Course Structure As Follow:
  • Health and safety
  • Construction law, regarding traffic management
  • Who should be allowed on site
  • Safety of vehicle access
  • Hazard analysis
  • Risk management for directing vehicles
  • Identifying dangerous manoeuvres (reversing)
  • Health and safety
  • Safeguarding pedestrians and other staff where vehicles may be reversing
  • Demonstrating the code of hand signals recommended by the HSE
  • Legal obligations and responsibilities of employers and their employees
  • Safety signs
  • Accident prevention
  • How to plan the use of vehicles

The Course will be assessed in 2 ways:

Part 1: Practical Assessment:
  • Individuals will demonstrate the correct knowledge for directing a vehicle
Part 2: Theoretical
  • Assessment and learning.
  • Understanding the roles of both the Driver and the Banksman.
  • Following a multi-choice question paper at the end of the course
  • Learners will be made aware of the Current Legislation (Safety signs & signals Regulations 1996)
Career Impact

It’s important to us to give you everything you need to start your career as a Traffic Marshall / banksman. We will always work with you and give as much support as possible to enable you to do this. Many people worry about obtaining work after the course and while it is unrealistic and impossible for anyone to guarantee immediate employment or future job prospects within any industry we do guarantee that the work is out there and we will give you all the help and support you need to make that transition from student to employed Traffic Marshall / banksman. We take great pride in our after care and all students will take with them personal contact details of our Traffic Marshall and banksman team for further support and advice whenever you need it. We also have several companies that actively recruit our students.

When do I get my Certificate and Card?
We issue your Certificate and Card upon course completion.

How much does it cost for the Training?
We charge £49 for the Training, Certificate and Card. We do discount for group offers, see pricing here for more details.

Money back guarantee if you fail. How does that work?
We have a very high pass rate nearly 99% of all our students pass the course. So if you fail we will not charge you any money but you have to retake the course to gain certificate and card

What’s the different between a Vehicle Banksman and a Traffic Marshal?
Vehicle Banksman and Traffic Marshal are two terms that describe the same thing. The term traffic marshal has largely replaced the more traditional term of Banksman reflecting the more diverse duties a traffic marshal may undertake in the public arena such as events, parking and security.

Can we still use Banksman to reverse vehicles?
Yes, but only if they are properly trained and authorised to do so. They must complete an appropriate traffic marshal course.

What do I need to bring with me?
For the Practical we advise you bring SAFETY SHOES. We will supply you with A HARD HAT and a High Visibility jacket for the training. The practical session takes place outside, delegates should bring suitable protective clothing. Candidates must also bring with them photographic ID, their photograph will be taken to produce their ID card, we must be able to verify who they are.

Can I direct Plant Machinery using this training?
Yes, given a suitable risk assessment is conducted in conjunction with a trained and certified plant operator factoring risks such as manoeuvring with a boom or while the Plant Machine is loaded.

If training is completed using a LGV, does this mean the certification is restricted to only Banking LGVs?
Whether candidates complete Vehicle Banksman training using a normal road car, a heavy goods vehicle or plant machinery, the role and responsibilities of the Vehicle Banksman remain the same.

Certification and Individual Photo ID Card:
Our charges include the cost of official certification including personal Identity Cards.